There is so much research that needs to be done before embarking on the somewhat treacherous journey of finding the truth. I find so much misinformation and sadly clients are exposed with no right to recourse after a poor installation is done. We have found the most horrifying installations by 'q...

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Ground breaking this might not be, but solar panels only work during the day. The batteries store the energy for night time use, not the solar panels. :)

We are open for business, please contact Michelle for premium solar solutions for your home or business.

It's World Environment Day!
Here we share 3 tips for sustainable living and saving our beautiful planet. 🌍
#waelga #thesolarpowercafe #worldenvironmentday #environment #conservation #natureconservation #saveourplanet #blueplanet #humanity #respect #savewater #energyefficiency #cleanwater #renew...

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2019 Market Dates for Garden Bleu in Waterkloof, 372 Milner Street 🌎🌟🌞🌻🌹🌸

16 February
16 March
13 April
17 May
15 June
20 July
17 August
21 September
19 October
16 November
14 December

Waelga ™ as promoted by The Solar Power Café will be in attendance at all these markets for 2019. Pl...

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🌟Lithium Ion batteries ready for a Waelga ™ installation. The Pylontech batteries have their own Battery Management System, can run at 80% D.o.D and have a life span of at least 10 years. Much better value for money than lead acid which is significantly cheaper in price but has lifespan of appro...

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Visit us at the monthly market at Garden Bleu in Waterkloof, Pretoria. We are ready to answer all your questions relating to solar and backup power for your home or business.

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4 years ago
- Michelle L

Welcome! Welkom! 😀

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The Solar Power Cafe is the official outlet for Waelga ™ 🌍🌞A unique, South African designed hybrid solar power system for the domestic market. We specialise in installations upto 300kVA.

Highly qualified in our respective fields, we are a dynamic father and daughter management team. Michelle achieved her first RE qualification as of July 2020 as an Energy Transformation Expert and has completed qualification number 2 as Co-Benefits specialist in Renewable Energy, with Renac in Berlin, Germany.  🤓

We offer:
Quiet, fully automated Back-up power  for your home or business when electricity outages occur. 💡
Advanced Solar Power system that allows you to save on your monthly electricity bill. 🌞

A family owned business started in 2014 in Pretoria East by an innovative electrical technologist with over 30 years experience in the petrochemical, nuclear, mining and power generation fields, he has a keen interest in safety and working according to standards and specifications. 

More than 4 years of dedicated design, prototype production and testing of the technology with his own funds, have brought us to Waelga ™ and The Solar Power Cafe.

The Product
Investing in a Waelga   system offers the following benefits to you as the owner of a home or business🏡🏭

Intrinsically safe design. Waelga is designed with 3 layers of protection to ensure your equipment, appliances and home are not at risk of damage during power outages and when the electricity returns. 🔌🔋💡☑

Using solar power means you generate your own power during the day. You can use it to power the washing machine, vacuum cleaner, swimming pool pump, plug points, a TV etc. We can help you choose the loads best suited to run off dedicated solar during the day. 

This is dependent on the amount of sunshine available and the size of the installation. We start at a minimum of 4kWp for the solar panel array, this produces at least 20kWh on a full sunshine day. 🌞 

For business owners, we ensure that your work day is uninterrupted and no production losses are incurred due to power outages. The computer network, internet connection, printing, motors, fans, pumps and other essential electrical loads to your business can be run off solar power during the day.   

An aesthetically pleasing design that is not unsightly in your home or place of business.🙌👏

Professional after-sales service. We firmly  believe in maintaining long term relationships with our clients and 'staying in touch' after your installation has been completed.📱✋

How to order and what is the process to install?📃📝
Contact Michelle in order to arrange an appointment at your premises in Pretoria or Johannesburg.

An information sheet will be sent to you requesting basic information regarding your solar power solution. 

We will listen carefully to your requirements and design the system accordingly. 

Our site visit is in depth and the engineer and master electrician visit the premises in order to do instantaneous load measurements and a preliminary roof inspection. This takes approximately 1-2 hours depending on the site.

Site Visit Costs as of 01 April 2022:

R1500 + VAT for residential clients in Pretoria.
R1500 + VAT for residential clients in Johannesburg.

R2500 + VAT for business clients in Pretoria.
R2500 + VAT for business clients in Johannesburg.

Travel is charged at R5.50 per km + VAT.

We issue a complete proposal with various options for you to choose from based on all the information captured.

Location 🌍🚗
Our workshop is based in President Park, Midrand, Gauteng and HQ in Pretoria East 🚘 
Please confirm an appointment with Michelle on 061 414 1954 or email: michelle@thesolarpowercafe.co.za

We look forward to hearing from you 😊😀

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